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Add-ons and Extras

Please request extra cleaning tasks at least 48 hours in advance.

Fridge Clean-out - $30

Includes taking your fridge apart and scrubbing each individual piece, sides, fridge floor, and dusting the intake vent at the bottom.

Freezer Clean-Out (Move Cleans Only) - $30

Includes taking your fridge + freezer apart and scrubbing each individual piece, sides and bottom, and dusting the intake vent at the bottom

Trash Bin Wash-Out- $10/bin

We use extra strength oven cleaner (not natural), heat, and steel wool to scrub away built-up grime inside of the oven. Includes oven racks, drawer, cooking surface, and exterior polish.

Linens and Duvets

Crib, twin, full beds- $5

Queen, king beds- $10


Duvets- $5 twin/full | $10 queen/king

Scrub-Brush Baseboards- Priced by project

We don’t typically have enough time to take a detail brush to your baseboards, but they might need it!

Built-in/ Shelf Clean- $Priced by project

Remove items in kitchen cupboards, built-ins, entertainment centers, or large bookshelves + wipe out and replace items

Window Interior Cleaning- $3 per window

Includes cleaning of frame, sill, interior glass, and crossbars. 


At this time, were do not offer cleaning of the inner window well or any exterior glass cleaning.

Wet-Wipe Blinds-  $10/set

We always have our eye out for dust on blinds, but if they are past the point of dry-dusting, we can set aside extra time to give ‘em a good wet wipe. The increase in the feeling of clean and overall brightness in a room is unexpectedly excellent.

This service includes window interior cleaning.

Slider Door Cleaning- $10/Slider

Spot-cleaning is included in our regular services. However, if you’d like us to wash the slider door glass top-to-bottom inside and out, you’ll want to add this service to your cleaning appointment. 


At this time, we do not offer cleaning of slider door tracks.

This service is weather-permitting. Temperature must be above 50 degrees and without precipitation.

Are there any specialty cleaning items you’d like to see added to our Extras list? Let us know!

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