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Our Phenomenal Team

Andrea Smith Fein
Andrea Headshot Round 2022.png


Andrea started At Home Cleaning Co. in March of 2017. She left a career teaching English and Spanish to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur. Her favorite saying is "I want to be a millionaire so I can give my money away."

Carly K.

Operations Manager

Carly started in March of 2023. Carly brings with her years of experience in restaurant management including delivering excellent customer service, team oversight, and scheduling and booking coordination. Carly is respectful, reflective, and organized. In her free time, Carly likes to watch horror movies, play video games, and care for her animals.

Laurie S.
Laurie 2022 Round.png

Office Assistant

Laurie is Andrea's sister and second in command. She started in July of 2017. Laurie loves  caring for her family, arts and crafts, and has a season pass to the John Ball Zoo.

Qua P.

Team Expert

Qua started in March of 2018. She is detail-oriented, easy-going, and has a great sense of humor. In her free time, Qua cares for her 2 boys, sometimes finding time to play the drums (she's really good at it!).

Jazmyn S.

Expert Trainer

Jazmyn started in February 2020. She brings with her experience in customer service and team management. Jazmyn is extremely detail-oriented and is very upbeat! In her free time, she spends her time at the Dental Assistant program at GRCC, is planning her wedding, and loves to care for her pets.

Samantha H.

Team Expert

Samantha started in July of 2020. She is well-versed in detailed cleaning and sanitizing, as she previously cleaned hospitals. In her free time, Samantha likes to go to the beach and care for her family.

Ryleigh F.

Expert Trainer

Ryleigh started in October of 2021. She was formerly a caretaker for the elderly. Ryleigh is reliable and always mellow. In her free time, Ryleigh is planning her wedding!

Sierra K.

Expert Trainer

Sierra started in December of 2021. She came to us as a former mechanics apprentice, also working as a professional cleaner in the past. Sierra is outgoing, fun, and reflective. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, care for her cats, and organize....anything! 

Tori T.

Team Expert

Tori started in April of 2022. Tori brings with her experience in Management and Customer Service. Tori is friendly, fun, and has great work ethic. In her free time, she likes to spend time at the gym and care for her pitbull, Jughead.

Abbey B.

Team Expert

Abbey started in July of 2022. Experienced in professional cleaning, Abbey was promoted to the Expert role quickly! Abbey is thoughtful, relaxed, and friendly. In her free time, she is studying to be a Biologist specializing in animals.

Lauren B.
Lauren B.png

Team Expert

Lauren started in September of 2022. Lauren brings with her experience in personalized customer service. Lauren is outgoing, reflective, and motivated. In her free time, she likes to read and hang with friends.

Haeli P.
Haeli Staff Photo.png

Team Expert

Haeli started in January of 2023. She has years of experience in the food industry, but was looking for a position that was a bit more 'peaceful'. Haeli is responsible, kind, and quick to learn. In her free time, she likes to weight train and study.

Kaila H.

Team Expert

Kaila started in February of 2023. She has worked in retail and as a professional cleaner in the past. Kaila is enthusiastic, courteous, and ready to work! In her free time, Kaila likes to work out, hike, and spend time with family.

6 years of service!

5 years of service!

3.5 years of service!

3 years of service!

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1.5 years of service!

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1 year of service!

1 year of service!

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