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A Home Overhaul Adventure


Family: The Ranstead's- Mom, Dad, 4-year-old girl, and 1.5 year old twin girls

Home: 2,200 sq. feet, 3 stories including finished basement, 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms

Mission: Clean, organize, and stage

Hours to Complete Mission: 8

Biggest Concern: The basement area including storage closets


When the Ranstead's booked a Home Cleaning Overhaul, they didn't know yet that they would be selling their house. However, a week before the cleaning date, they learned that their offer had be accepted on a new home in the beautiful Michigan country. Instead of making their home more organized and enjoyable for their own family, the task at hand became to make certain a new family could imagine enjoying the home.


The Main Living Space


Preparing for a move is hard work! The before photo shows the result of cleaning out closets and moving furniture to get large items out for the storage unit.


With the floors cleaned, clutter gone, and a fresh set of bright red-orange pillows, this room looks organized and enjoyable. The sage afghan on the couch is a nice cozy touch, but also serves to cover up some juicebox stains from the little ones.

The Office and Play Area


This area had become a "set down" ground for misc items that were being sorted for the move. As a combination work/children's play area, there was a lot of room for extra things. For staging purposes, most of the items had to go!


Marvelous! Personal items were stored in the desk drawers or placed in bins to be sorted. The floor is clear and the children's toys are arranged in a symmetrical and pleasing way.

The Basement


A true living space. Work space, music space, entertainment space, and play space! There was a lot of opportunity for clutter, toys, and work materials to be neglected. Especially with 3 busy babies, this space was well used!


In about 5 hours, this basement space transformed into a beautiful space ready to be shown off! Dad even made a comment that he was "super excited" to work at his desk on Monday!

A panoramic view

Before and After of the Basement Area

The Final Stats

Total Time: 8.5 hours

Rooms cleaned: 5

Tasks completed: organize and de-clutter all rooms, clean floors, vacuum 2 sets of stairs and carpet throughout, pet the dog, clean out and organize 2 storage closets, steam clean spots, stage children's play area, basement office, and basement living area, main living area, and main office/play area, clean downstairs bathroom

Good luck to the Ranstead's on selling their home!

If you are interested in booking a Squeaky Clean Overhaul, please message Andrea at

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