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About Us

Our Mission
To promote peace of mind through professional and natural cleaning services. We accomplish this through our personal customer care, unbeatable attention to detail, and outstanding staff.  

Our Story
Founded in March of 2017, At Home Cleaning Co. was always about “Peace of Mind.” The concept came from founder Andrea Smith Fein’s desire to help families feel the absolute joy and relaxation that comes with returning to a spotless home. The original name for the business was “At Home with Andrea,” and included home cleaning, meal-prep, tutoring, and design services. After 6 months of growth, it was clear that cleaning services were the most needed in the Grand Rapids Area. The focus then became striving to be the best home cleaning service in our area (and the world!).

We strive for excellence--nothing less.


We constantly reflect, evolve, and strive to provide top-notch services, every single time.



We thrive on feedback from our clients, and immediately respond to comments and special requests.


We seek clients that share our belief that respectful, clear communication builds healthy professional relationships.


We choose not to work with harsh chemicals, but instead choose cleaning products that are gentle on surfaces and the environment.


At Home Cleaning Co. provides living wages, employee bonuses, and a positive company culture. We work hard to keep our employees happy and hard-working!


Each month, a portion of net profits go back to the community--whether it's to local nonprofit organizations or to aid abroad.

Our Company Values

Our Work Philosophy

"We are human beings, not human doings."

  • Being a home cleaner is a respectable and rewarding position. We are proud of the work we do.

  • Good work ethic is the foundation of any productive team. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and performance. We learn from mistakes and strive to become better each day.


  • Being on a team means each person is an important part of the whole. Leadership is there to promote the success of the team. We are here to build one another up and learn from one another.

  • Living wages are a fundamental part of providing a healthy and happy work environment.

  • Work-life balance is critical. We all need time to relax, socialize, and be creative.

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