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About Us

Our Mission
To promote peace of mind through professional and natural cleaning services. We accomplish this through our personal customer care, unbeatable attention to detail, and outstanding staff.  

Our Story
Founded in March of 2017, At Home Cleaning Co. was always about “Peace of Mind.” The concept came from founder Andrea Smith Fein’s desire to help families feel the absolute joy and relaxation that comes with returning to a spotless home. The original name for the business was “At Home with Andrea,” and included home cleaning, meal-prep, tutoring, and design services. After 6 months of growth, it was clear that cleaning services were the most needed in the Grand Rapids Area. The focus then became striving to be the best home cleaning service in our area (and the world!).

Our Values

Our Company Values

We strive for excellence--nothing less.


Our communication is clear, direct, prompt, respectful, and courteous. We strive to build strong professional relationships with our team and our clients.


We are experts in our field, with high standards, accountability, and integrity. We constantly evolve and accept feedback with grace. We are reliable and trustworthy.


We believe that work-life balance, fair wages, and a positive company culture are essential for a team to thrive. We have self-respect and show care and concern for ourselves and our work.

Andrea Home Living Room 2024.png
Our Work Philosophy

Our Work Philosophy

"We are human beings, not human doings."

  • Being a home cleaner is a respectable and rewarding position. We are proud of the work we do.

  • Good work ethic is the foundation of any productive team. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and performance. We learn from mistakes and strive to become better each day.


  • Being on a team means each person is an important part of the whole. Leadership is there to promote the success of the team. We are here to build one another up and learn from one another.

  • Living wages are a fundamental part of providing a healthy and happy work environment.

  • Work-life balance is critical. We all need time to relax, socialize, and be creative.

Our Phenomenal Team

Our Phenomenal Team

Andrea Smith Fein


Andrea started At Home Cleaning Co. in March of 2017. She left a career teaching English and Spanish to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur. Her favorite saying is "I want to be a millionaire so I can give my money away."

7 years
of service!

Carly Full Render.png
Carly K.

Operations Manager

Carly started in March of 2023. Carly brings with her years of experience in restaurant management including delivering excellent customer service, team oversight, and scheduling and booking coordination. Carly is respectful, reflective, and organized. In her free time, Carly likes to watch horror movies, play video games, and care for her animals.

1 year 
of service!

Qua P.

Team Expert

Qua started in March of 2018. She is detail-oriented, easy-going, and has a great sense of humor. In her free time, Qua cares for her 2 boys, sometimes finding time to play the drums (she's really good at it!).

6 years
of service!

Samantha H.

Team Expert

Samantha started in July of 2020. She is well-versed in detailed cleaning and sanitizing, as she previously cleaned hospitals. In her free time, Samantha likes to go to the beach and care for her family.

4 years
of service!

Ryleigh F.

Expert Trainer

Ryleigh started in October of 2021. She was formerly a caretaker at a senior living facility. Ryleigh is reliable and always mellow. In her free time, Ryleigh likes to hit up Starbucks for a latte or Frappuccino.

2.5 years of service!

Sierra 2024.png
Sierra K.

Expert Trainer

Sierra started in December of 2021. She came to us as a former mechanic apprentice, also working as a professional cleaner in the past. Sierra is outgoing, fun, and reflective. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends, care for her cats, and to organize....anything! 

2.5 years of service!

Tori T.

Team Expert

Tori started in April of 2022. Tori brings with her experience in Management and Customer Service. Tori is friendly, fun, and has great work ethic. In her free time, she likes to spend time at the gym and care for her pitbull, Jughead.

2 years
of service!

Abbey B.

Expert Trainer

Abbey started in July of 2022. Experienced in professional cleaning, Abbey was promoted to the Expert role quickly! Abbey is thoughtful, relaxed, and friendly. In her free time, she is studying to be a Biologist specializing in animals.

2 years
of service!

Lauren B.png
Lauren B.

Team Expert

Lauren started in September of 2022. Lauren brings with her experience in personalized customer service. Lauren is selective, reflective, and hilarious. In her free time, she likes to read and hang with friends.

1.5 years
of service!

Haylee photo.png
Haylee S.

Team Expert

Haylee started in April of 2024. She brings with her experience in cleaning and customer care from her previous position at a vet tech. Haylee is kind, energetic, and consistent. She will be starting an Esthetician Program in the fall.

New rockstar!

Talia R.

Team Expert

Talia started in April of 2024. Talia has experience in delivering great customer service. Talia is enthusiastic, charismatic, and quick to learn. In her free time, Talia likes to relax and watch movies.

New rockstar!

Giving Back

Giving Back

At Home Cleaning Co. staff will complete a free 3-hour clean for families in the following circumstances:

Grief and Healing

  • After the loss of a child, spouse, or parent who lived in the household

Caretakers' Relief

  • A household member is chronically or terminally ill, or is temporarily disabled


To nominate a person or family, send us a message using the button below.



We also offer a limited quantity of donated 3-hour clean gift certificates for charities and fundraisers each year. Send us an e-mail to inquire.

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