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Q: How do I become a new client? What is the process like?

A: When our calendar is open for new clients: Please complete the New Client Form marked "Get Started." We will respond as soon as we can inviting you to book a virtual walk-through. After the walk-through, we will send you a customized estimate. Once the estimate is approved, we will use your scheduling preferences to assign you a team, day, and time.  The first clean with us will be a deep clean, priced hourly.

When our calendar is full: Please complete the New Client Form marked "Get Started." We will respond ASAP and ask if you'd like to be placed on our waiting list. Once the calendar opens up, we will invite you to schedule a walk-through with us. Feel free to check in with us periodically during the waiting period, just in case!

Q: Do I need to provide anything for the cleaners, or will they bring the supplies?

A: Our clients need not provide anything. We bring our professional vacuum, microfiber mop with fresh mop head, duster with fresh dusting refill, our signature multi-purpose and floor cleaners, fresh, sanitized towels, and a variety of other tools to get the job done right. Clients with marble or special stone countertops or special hardwoods floors sometimes prefer that we use their own naturally derived cleaners—and that’s just fine with us!

Q: Do I need to be home while you’re cleaning? Can I be home?

A: Most clients choose to schedule their cleaning services while they are away, especially if they have small children who benefit from having free range of their play areas while at home. This ensures that we are able to clean without interrupting your daily activities, and we are able to clean efficiently using our tried and true cleaning patterns. However, if you are home when we arrive to clean, no problem! We’re happy to say “hello!” and make a plan so that we are not cleaning in the same area in which you are working/relaxing. 

Q: How can I make payment for cleaning services?

A: We send out a digital invoice via e-mail after each visit. We appreciate prompt payment using a card (auto-pay is available as well). We also accept cash, but prefer to keep everything digital.

Q: Will I have the same team clean my home each time?

A: We do our absolute best to keep a consistent team assigned to your home. However, while training or if we have a staff member out for the day, we might need to send a different Staff Expert and Team Member to clean for you. Our Staff Experts have passed rigorous training and assessment, and we are confident that they can clean any home to At Home Cleaning Co. Standards using only client Master Notes and client special notes. However, if you feel uncomfortable with a new face, please let us know ASAP, and we make a note to reschedule if your regular cleaning team is out for the day.

Q: What if I notice cleaning that I would like done differently in the future?

A: We thrive on feedback! We truly believe that the clearer our clients’ expectations and wishes, the better we can serve them. Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience via e-mail to or by phone 616-676-7340. We will either return to re-clean any missed items, or add it to your Master Client Notes for future cleanings.

Q: What if I would like to add on an Extra task like oven or fridge cleaning?

A: Please send us an e-mail no less than 48 hours in advance so we can adjust the schedule to accommodate extra cleaning tasks. You can find a list of our Extras here.

Q: How do I tip the cleaning team? How much is typical?

A: Tips are never expected, but always appreciated.


If you choose to tip, you may do so by leaving cash and a note on the kitchen counter, or add it to your invoice via the Tips page when paying.

In the past, our clients that choose to tip have designated $5-$20 per cleaner, and are especially generous around the holidays (which we are extremely grateful for!). Tipping is at your discretion.

Q: What is your process for vetting employees?

A: All of our employees are the best of the best. Each employee signs an Employment Agreement that includes a Privacy clause, are background checked, and personally vetted by Andrea, the owner. We pride ourselves in having a team comprised of honest, caring, friendly, and hard-working people.

When hiring, we never discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, religion, family status, national origin, age, or other protected classes. We believe all people deserve an opportunity to obtain gainful employment, provided they are able to complete the work required.

Q: What if I have a question not answered here?

A: Please email us at or use the button below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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