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Give Us a Try

Now through Leap Day, Give Us a Try for only $100.

Special includes:

  • 1 living area

  • 1 full bathroom

  • 1 kitchen

  • 1 dining area

Let us show you how good a home cleaning service can be. Our quick & courteous customer service, phenomenal cleaning team, and professional & natural cleaning methods will leave your home fresher and your to-do list shorter.

Our Give Us a Try Special is part of our new Space-Based cleaning option. Pay for only what you need. Customize your home cleaning by selecting the areas you want cleaned and the level of cleaning needed.

Our Give Us a Try Special Includes


Living room, family room, or basement living area, up to 400 sq. feet

  • Dry dust high and low, including window + door frames, ceiling fans, and moulding

  • Spot-clean windows (kid + dog prints)

  • Wipe surfaces (coffee + side tables, mantles, buffets)

  • Baseboards, dry dust + spot wipe

  • Vacuum/Mop floors, inc. rugs and under any furniture with 2" or greater clearance 


  • Upholstery- Vacuuming/pet hair removal

  • Shelves- Remove, wipe, and replace items on shelves

  • Baseboards- Wet-wipe or deep scrub

  • Window interior- Glass, sill, frame

  • Blinds (w/ slats 2" or thicker)- Wet-wipe


Up to 15 x 15 with standard appliances

  • Dry dust high and low including light fixtures

  • Wipe countertop, small appliances, and cupboard faces

  • Scrub stovetop

  • Clean microwave interior

  • Scrub sink

  • Spot-clean windows

  • Polish stainless steel/wipe appliance exteriors


  • Baseboards- Wet-wipe or deep scrub

  • Windows- interior glass

  • Oven clean

  • Fridge wipe-out

  • Trash bin wash-out


Vanity, toilet, bath tub/shower, and floors

  • Dry dust high and low including vent fans, trim, and light fixtures 

  • Vanity- wipe sink, surface, mirror

  • Arrange towels

  • Scrub shower and bath, including grout* and hardware

  • Hand wipe baseboards

  • Remove trash

  • Vacuum/mop, inc. mats/rugs

* Full grout scrub subject to additional time and cost


  • Grout- Super scrub

  • Baseboards- Super scrub

Get Started

  1. Complete our Get Started Form

  2. Book a quick & easy 15-minute virtual home walk-through

  3. Receive and accept our service outline

  4. Book a date

  5. Enjoy the clean!

  6. Pay digital invoice + answer 10-second feedback

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