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10 Ways Home Help Makes for A Better Life

We all remember the late night infomercials where someone struggled clumsily in black and white to clean a carpet only to have a dog with dirty paws run through, or to balance their myriad of home repair tools only to put a hammer through the wall. Man, they looked miserable!

Then, miraculously, we were presented with the perfect solution, in brilliant, living color. Hurrah! For 5 payments of $19.99 all of your troubles will disintegrate. You will be happy! Life will be a breeze! You will have a 6-pack and a Corvette!

I'd love to say that hiring Home Services will make your life 100% challenge-free, but, unfortunately, that is too bold a claim.

However, there are real benefits to investing in some help around the house. Parents are working more (and, arguably harder) than ever. In an article compiled by, they noted: "By far, the most common arrangement today is for married parents in dual-income families with children under 18 to work. In 2015, employed married mothers in the labor force was 67.6%.35 In 2015, and employed married fathers in the labor force was 93.7%."

The black and white: This increase in work has led to increased stress, less time to prepare healthy meals, and less time to help with homework.

The brilliant color: Home services can help!

Here are 10 ways investing in home services can make your life a little more "colorful."

1. Less Mess, Less Stress

Ever returned home after work and picking up the kids from school to a chaotic mess of a house? Had trouble sleeping because you were busy thinking of how many dishes were in the sink (and wishing that a dish fairy would clean them as your dreamed)? Imagine returning home from a busy day to a spotless home and dinner in the oven. With home cleaning and meal services, you can breathe easy knowing that there is one (or 5!) less things on your to-do list.

2. Home Cooked Meals Taste Better

Have you spent 15 minutes in the KFC drive thru? Do you know where that chicken came from? With home cooked meals made just for your taste buds, you will be able to control ingredients, customize flavor, and maybe even try something new--made just for you! Home meal prep is an easy way to ensure your family has a delicious, well-rounded meal with ingredients you trust--on a budget, and easy-peasy.

3. Know Where Your Stuff Is

Do you know where your keys are right now? Your cell phone? Your favorite pen?

Have you been late to a meeting because you could only find 1 shoe? Did you lose the electricity bill again? We've all been there. With personalized home organization, you will know where your important stuff is, and conveniently store the things you don't need all the time. Making organization decisions can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Let a professional help you to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to make sure is at the tip of your fingers.

4. Make Family Dinners a Priority

Quality time around the dinner table is important for families. Check out this article by Ann Dolin, M.Ed. "How Family Dinners Improve Students’ Grades." In addition to boosting academic achievement, family dinners lead to closeness between family members, shared stories and information, and, if you are like my family, some big laughs that pop the buttons off of your pants. Yes, that really happened to me! With meal prep services, you preparing the dinner will be hassle-free so you can spend more time enjoying each other's company.

5. Go For a Walk

When is the last time you went for a nice walk after dinner? Were you too busy cleaning the kitchen or (still) catching up on e-mails? Take some time to enjoy the outdoors after a meal. With home cleaning and meal services, you will have less on your plate, more in your stomach, and time to take Spot to his favorite fire hydrant.

6. Focus better at Work Knowing You'll Come Home to a Clean House

While Home Service won't help you remember if you left the stove burner on, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your home is being taken care of while you are taking care of business.

7. Some parents aren't sure how to explain Algebra to their 6th grader

And that's okay! It's probably been awhile since you calculated the slope-intercept of a line. With home tutoring services, you can feel confident that your child's academic progress is in good hands. Effective tutoring can boost academic performance and your child's self-esteem. It feels good to say "I can do it!" Parents who know their child is receiving top-notch school support will have one less worry.

8. Your Nose Knows

Oooo-oooh that smell. Can't you smell that smell? While Lynyrd Skynyrd probably wasn't writing about your trash bin, it can get pretty darn pungent. 2-week old baby diapers? Yeash. A professional home cleaner like Andrea knows how to use child and pet-friendly methods to leave your home smelling fresh. Aromatic essential oils ensure that you can take a deep breath (and enjoy it!).

9. Volunteer for the PTA Event

Young kids love it when their parents show up at school. Make time to volunteer by allowing a home services professional to take care of the things that would otherwise hold you back. Enjoy getting involved in your community, making new connections, and giving back.

10. You Deserve It

Do you treat yourself to life's simple pleasures? You work hard to make life good for you and your family. When do you get to relax? Investing in home services is an act of self-care. Take the day off from the scrubbing, mopping, dishes, and meal preparation and let someone else treat you to a welcoming and relaxing home environment and a savory meal. (Andrea can slice up some cucumbers for your eyes if you wish!)

Not sure if you can afford home services? Check out At Home with Andrea's BOOK ONLINE page for pricing info. Feel free to send a message for customized pricing!

Share your Home Services success story below in the comments!

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